Biometric Integration:
Biometric attendance using face recognition and fingerprint machines connected to the internet using LAN or Wifi can directly transmit the data to the @Campus attendance module residing on the cloud using special syncup technologies. The biometric machines which support push communication technology can be integrated this way.

SMS Integration:
SMS gateways are integrated with @Campus that it can be used from different modules and the transactional SMS can be sent to the parents/student/staff to alert or inform them of the updates or reminders. Very reliable SMS delivery is ensured by multiple path SMS delivery and retry option for undelivered SMS.

Barcode / RFID Integration:
Barcode/QR Code scanner and printer can be Integrated for library books issuing/ return as well as stick taking. The barcode can also be printed on the ID Cards for issuing books and other items to students or staff. Similarly barcodes can be sticked on inventory items. The same concept can be used to integrate with RFID cards or tags for library, inventory and attendance marking.

Payment Gateway Integration:
Online payment is a very important feature for the online admission and fee collection to save the effort of cashiers. This is achieved by securely integrating @Campus modules to the popular payment gateways like PayU, Atom, PayTM, Axis Bank etc. The payments can be reconciled with the bank reports and also will be updated in the @Campus ledgers as soon as the payment is successful.

SAP Integration:
SAP, the world’s top general purpose ERP, is integrated with @Campus so that the data can be exchanged between the two systems as per the needs. The integration is done using secure APIs so that the system is authenticated and data is securely exchanged between the two systems. This can be used for institutions who are already using SAP for lifecycle management or finance management to use the other @Campus modules.

Tally Integration:
@Campus has its own core accounts module which is self contained. However, for those institutions who are already using Tally ERP for core accounts, they can use the Tally ERP integration feature of @Campus using Tally plugins, which can be used to post the fee data and other accounts data from @Campus to Tally accounts.